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Very important Update: The Presence of the Oneness/ written by Enlightened Master on Monday 3.30.2015

Very important Update: The Presence of the Oneness

News from the inner realm:

Our universe Long time ago was Light , and at a certain point, the Dark started to exist,  and affected the Light ......From that time; the universe was undergo to the duality [Polarity ] of The Light & Dark ....

The Light played his role in preventing and counteracting the dark,, and many Races had gathered to do this mission, until the GFL was formed {The Galactic Federation of Light} 4.5 Million years ago.....and lately at the timing of earth since 2003; the Oneness Conscious began to spread in the universe & to affect all the sectors, and began to grow more and more, began to affect the Light & Dark and began to contribute to solving the main problem dramatically in this universe..

In 2010 earth Time,,,,,, The oneness conscious became an Oneness School, and began to coordinate the relations between the Light & Dark… One of this school’s  effects on the light is to contribute in creating something called Confederation at the higher levels of the Galactic Federation, , which was already exist in the Federation before that, but was related to the Light... and after The Oneness School ; this Confederation began to follow the Oneness Consciousness,   and this in turn has contributed to the compromises of the Leaders of the darkness to deal with the Confederation , where {The Dark}  had a great objection to the policy of the Light , and consider them their polarity and not the representatives of the Source.

That’s why since 2003 ; you started seeing  a big signs of major changes on the situation for the whole story, and a great achievements began to happen through the Light sectors…

Since then; 2010, the people of earth started to hear the surrendering of the big leaders of the dark forces, and their joining to the Light...this means ; they became followers to the Confederation “The Oneness School” who are at the top & the highest level of the GFL...

The presence of this Oneness School in the local universe was in the “inner realm” , and after that,  it appeared to the outside through the Confederation, and then the Council of the Central Sun sent representatives of the oneness consciousness races, of the races who are around the Central Sun, in order to carry the Flag of Oneness 13th in this local sector of the universe…. and the presence of these races in this local area, began appear  through Big Mother Spaceships  in 2012…  [The meaning of No.13th is the ultimate will of the Source…]!

Since that time 2012; the Confederation began to follow these Races {The Flag of Oneness}, and The Flag of Oneness gave Time Limit to the GFL to end their mission with the dark [between 2012 to 2015], and since 2012, these races appeared physically through their Mother Spaceships and started witnessing what is going on without any interference,, and these spaceships were seen by the/ Dark & Light forces, and even by the black Cabal on earth..

In 20th of March 2015; The Council of The Central Sun had sent a huge Merkaba, called [ The Blue Dark Merkaba ] from The Central Sun , through the inner realm to this local area, in order to represent the embodiment of the Conscious Oneness of the Divine,  under the Flag of Avatara 13th , in order for the Races who carry the flag oneness to follow him..

Today 3.30.2015 the Time Limit for the Light & Dark Sectors has ended.. and from now on all the sectors of Light , confederation and  oneness races will follow the ultimate will of the source which represented by / The Blue Dark Merkaba - Avatara ; which started from today to launch itself in the physical plane around the solar system to follow up all the missions that related to: Open Portals, Vortex, Network energy,  star gates , plasma plane and any orders that require to end the Game,, announcing the entry of the period of transition & the presence of the Consciousness Divine and his will into this area..

When & how this game will end is related completely to the will of the consciousness of the source..


Enlightened Master & Blue Flare

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