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Some of clarifications about the Avatara / written by the Enlightened Master on 19th of March.2015

I will add some clarifications about the Avatara:

Avatara is a divine being prepared to be the embodiment of the consciousness of the divine at the physical level at the right time…

As for all those whom I mentioned that will return to earth , yes they will return as ascended masters after the event, however; the embody of Avatara is not due to any Old TimeLine, It is an event node in the new TimeLine….. in other words, there was more of a plan of the TimeLine at the end of time (End of the Circle), all these plans have been canceled, and the new TimeLine exceeded all the old plans, it is the TimeLine of Oneness and not of Light or Dark…. for this, there will be embodied of the consciousness divine for the first time after 12 Circles (around 316.000 years ago ) and this new Circle will be the 13th one……

In the old cycles, there was the embodiment of the divine consciousness, but only for the feminine Or masculine, through Shiva & Vichnu, But now it will be for the two of them together as ONE…. so at the right time we will expand the talk about the Avatara .

* Avatar    means the one who reach the ascended master level and above in the higher – realm

*Avatara    means that he is the master of all avatars


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