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Quick The Enlighened master on 10th of March 2015

 Quick update..

- We reached a state of energy that allows us to activate the
   manifestation law...

- All the timelines are ready now to integrate into one timeline..
- The obstacles and borders began disappearing between dimensions..
- Liberating the "hostages" in the solar system at its peak...
- The rift between the physical and ethereal planes {cosmic anomaly}
   begin to recover and need little 

- The necessary preparations for the reception of the event from inside
   the earth are at its peak...

- We are very close to the phase of remarkable changes..

The real meaning of the event!!

-The event is to liberate the fallen planets from slavery, and put them on the evolution timeline to continue their path to higher dimensions...

-The event is returning you to the real life and to the sovereignty of freedom...

- Life after the event radically different from all what you are doing now. None of before the event will move to after the event, even if the names were similar...

- The event is not the era of the restoration of money... Money after the event is a temporary solution to your life, until the technology overwhelms your life, to provide you with all what you want...and after that you can regain your ability of creation...

- all what you know about your Psychological, emotional, mental, social, scientific and intellectual affairs s before the event, were just systems “whatever expanded its borders” to undergo to the domination system, and to keep you in a low vibration.. And after the event you will learn for the first time the real meaning of your emotional, psychological, mental, social, scientific and intellectual affairs…

- The event is opening the door to return you to the great race with other civilization for learning and developing...

- The event paves your path to the ascension, and the ascension is another matter, it is a progress of awareness to know the truth of your existence, to live up among civilizations... and the ascension process requires getting rid of ignorance and not to comply with the domination system..



  1. Dearest EM. You just came with very exciting information. No one else in this world is telling us, us "normal" people what is really going on behind "curtain". I am very thankful to you for all work you have done in past and now. There are still many things which I cant simply understand. I had and still have some "limited" access to higher knowledge. I am spiritual person and very curious same time. I still have no idea what all that Plaidians and Sirians have to do with liberation of our planet or whole galaxy. I am always trying talking with Divine spiritual world ONLY. For some reason in past few weeks
    I am always disturbed and "forced" by Plaidians and /or Sirians guys to talk with them. They are very annoying and very forceful. They are telling me (both) they are not Divine and they consider themselves as "black" in nature beings. They are telling me about theirs negative input in our world in very very near future including World War in 2017. How I see things, If they are not align with "Source" and they are not following "Source" how they can help us? Maybe they are trying kick out all Reptilians and replace them with own species and continue earth slavery same way as Reptilians did and still doing?. I know something is not right. For years I had my spiritual connection with no problem and now all Divine is hiding somewhere, cant get any positive energies to talk with except all that extraterrestrials who are very forceful and full of lie. They are not respectful at all. Well, that's my experience and I would love to hear your opinion dear EM. I am so confused about whatever is going on there, that I just became speechless. I cant talk about that in my "circles" because all people I know they are unconscious. Love You Ibrahim.

    1. Dear brother,

      Thank you for your trust, nothing will happen as major happening on earth without you” normal people” because people of earth represent the collective consciousness, and I need to clear the word “Normal “that you used: believe that all people of earth in their reality are abnormal and precious souls, but they need more awakening in order to bring the events,..

      Regarding our brothers from Pleiades and Sirian , both are multidimensional beings, and they live in a higher-dimensional state [above 9 dimension] and both are from higher civilizations, they are one of the first founders of the plan to liberate the land..

      So regarding these beings that you are connected with, and you always distributed and forced by/them and they called themselves black.. it is very clear that they are not Pleiades OR Sirian, they are as they said {black beings} which means they are {fake light beings} and trying to offend your brothers at the higher civilizations through using their names to cast doubt on their credibility and to distort the relationship between you and your brothers in these worlds…

      Please Watch the following video about the Pleiades:
      The Pleiadian Message - A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light

      And enjoy watching this interesting video:


  2. Dear Ibrahim,

    "until the technology overwhelms your life, to provide you with all what you want"

    We are moving to world (eventually) where there will be minimal or no technology, you wont have more smarter smartphones but people with telepathic abilities, no hi-tech aircrafts/rockets but people who can teleport at will, these are some examples, I only mean that ascension means we become more of who we are not assisted/dependent on any technology...

    1. dear brother,

      and i also mentioned this: ...and after that you can regain your ability of creation...
      here i talked about the period between the event and the ascension' before returning the abilities


  3. Hi Ibrahim, sending you lots of love!!! Thank you dearly for your updates, so many of us appreciate them. XO
    Can you please elaborate more on what you mean by
    -life after the event radically different from all what you are doing now. Especially the part about 'similar names'. What do you mean by this?
    It feels somehow important to understand this from an individual perspective to prepare for what the event will mean to us in our personal individual lives. There is so much information on global changes after the event but very little on the changes we will experience in our own individual sphere of reality/illusion.
    Can you please elaborate and perhaps give simple examples that we can relate to? Lots of love from a spiritual seeker of truth.