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Plasma plane & the new energy network / written by the EM Ibrahim on 6th of Feb. .2015

Plasma plane & the new energy network

The operations are still ongoing in removing the plasma plane & closing the rift (veil) between the physical & the ethereal plane,  and there is a big operation took place in the last few days { in 3rd of Feb.2015 } to install the assembly point for the new energy network under the responsibility of the Pleiades first and then the Sirian, and the process has been successfully completed to establish this point which began in attracting the energies..

This new network will be used to gather the necessary energies to be used in the process of transformation at the time of the event, where these energies will pass through the most powerful Masters (They will be 77 Masters at the time of the event) who are in contact with the energies of the Physical, Ethereal and Astral planes and what beyond the Veil of pure energies & cosmic consciousness. The 77 Masters are at the top of the group of 144,000 Masters of Star Brotherhood...

Those masters are receiving this energy from 3 Great Masters above them; those 3 Masters in turn are related to the energy of the assembly point.

The assembly point of the new energy network is in turn Connected to the earth’s collective consciousness, and who is responsible For this plan is a multi-dimensional being who takes care of the situation of the whole network {the information about him is still confidential }..

During this huge process that took place to install the assembly point of the new energy network, the other assembly point of the energies that strengthens Plasma plane has been controlled { the Heart of the Matrix OR the Mind of the Matrix }..

What does that mean :

** Increase energy in the assembly point for the new network energy weakens the assembly point of the energy that strengthens Plasma Plane...

** Weaken the control of Plasma Plane on the minds of Light workers and Light warriors in Particular and all people in General...

** Increase the penetration of the Light into the Veil..

** At a certain point the new network energy will be completed, and the Plasma plane will collapse, therefore the event occurs...

** We are now in the process to accelerate the event…

 What should people of earth do to accelerate the event:

- Commit to the real & the activation of the Free Will and stay away from the ideas of the Domination System & the Believe System that they promoted to..

- Beginning to take real decisions in your life that bring real change in the nature of your thinking and your outlook on life on the basis of Freedom...

- Practice the use of internal energies to your inner bodies to heal your chakras and your own aura..

An important point must be noted:

Many people are talking about the Sovereignty of the Free will and its role in achieving the Liberation,

Yes, that’s true, but in an active and practical terms only, (from inside & outside), which transform and change your energies & disconnect you from the contracts that you signed with the Archons before the incarnation.

And this means:

1- When you achieve the Sovereignty of the Free will from the inside only, therefore the connecting with the contracts will stop, but if you kept dealing with the Domination system even if little or without realizing it, the Contracts will re-activate itself automatically and this will be through the implants in your energetic system in your aura...

2- if got rid of the implants while you achieve the Sovereignty of the Free will from the inside, and you still have little active connection with the Domination System from the outside, yes; the contract will not be activated, but you will not be (well connected & active) with the Law of Universes, this means that you are ineffective member in the energy network..

Therefore; in order to achieve the Sovereignty of the Free will in full, you will need to a total, active and practical separation from the Domination System from inside & outside…. this in turn will re-connect you with the Law of universes, which means you are a Real Master..

Love & Peace

The Enlightened Master/Ibrahim Hassan

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