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A major breakthrough in the plasma plane/ written by the Enlightened Master on 13th of Feb.2015

A major breakthrough in the plasma plane
Today 13th of Feb.2015, we’ve witnessed a major breakthrough in the Plasma Plane by/ the Confederation forces, GFL, and those supporting  the confederation , such as: Silver Legion, Andromodian  fleet , Guardian fleet  and others ,as the work  on closing the rift that enhances the Plasma plane has been done, and the work on restoring  the cosmic fabric of time & space to its nature has been done { which  in harmony with the rest of the universe } through special groups of Arcturians and Sirians in this field , whereas this plane of cosmic anomaly {the second anomaly that separates the physical & ethereal planes} prevents  any penetration or reach for the  Light within the veil, and this plane was the first supporter for the forces of darkness  in their projects...

Now this area is recovering after the completes of the Cosmic Fabric of time & space, and the spaceships of the Confederation Forces were able to penetrate the center of the plasma plane after the technical examination of  the area ,  also they were managed to besiege the Chimera Group  in their last stronghold after weakened their defense points ; which derives its strength from the cosmic anomaly of the central plasma plane , but still the Chimera Group holds their own ethereal technology, and the impact of this technology will weaken on planet earth, because of the breakup of the plasma plane gradually..

The Confederation Forces stresses the siege on Chimera Group in one hand, and intensify the Light around planet earth on the other hand...

There is now an ongoing process to examine the extent of accepting & the interaction of the new area from the cosmic fabric to receive broadcast of the pulse, to ensure the readiness of this region in order to pass the pulse at the time of the event in the near future..

The Chimera Group didn’t ask for surrendering yet, but the path of events will lead to so soon, after that,  they will work on breaking  the Veil’s Technology { Holographic  Sky } gradually to prepare for the Event..

There are ongoing negotiations to allow some of Confederation’s Light spaceships to penetrate the earth’s atmosphere to help the people of earth to prepare for the event soon …


The Enlightened Master/Ibrahim Hassan

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  1. Thank you for your work and this beautiful message!