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Is the truth important OR not ???? ... written by/The EM on 24nd of Jan 2015

Let's think together...

(1) * Lies: the earth is round =There are no boundaries = Vast and scary space = Stay in the ground under the Veil = Do not recognize our brothers from space.
* The Truth: the earth is flat= There are borders= bypass memory scanning devices after border breach= Return Memory= Know the real history= The space is not scary= Recognize our brothers in space.

(2) *Lies: You are a human = the capacity of your brain works only 15%.
* The truth: You are a multi-dimensional being embodied in human form = the capacity of your brain works 100%.

(3) * Lies: Scientists know the universe consists of 4 dimensions= Physical universe.
* The truth: the universe consists of 14 vertical dimensions = unlimited Dimensions horizontally = metaphysical world (spiritual).

(4) *Lies: Leaders who governing the earth {shadow government } = Bad brothers
*The Truth: Leaders who governing the earth {shadow government=Reptilians, Archons = Occupation of extraterrestrial to our earth...

(5) * Lies: the twenty-First Century Technology = Evolution in human civilization = controlling in the Oil & Electricity Sources...
*The Truth: Free energy which discovered in 1850 = Technological advances (Magical) = Free Electricity to the whole World = Anti-Gravity aircraft = Devices for curing all diseases.

(6) *Lies: Are we alone in this Universe = Attempts in the search for water in the Moon and Mars...
*The Truth: Disclosure “Disclosure of all the Lies made by the Dark Forces = leads to the Liberation of the earth...

(7) * Lies: Solar flares attacking  = Global Warming =  High temperatures  = Protecting earth from the solar flares through creating  Tech. { veil }  to prevent the solar flares and wind flares to reach earth.
*The Truth: MPR “Magnetic Pole reversal “= small ice age = cleansing the karma through the solar flares = wind flares work on increasing the human’s vibration = Ascension

 (8) * Lies: the increasing of Solar Flares = nervous, anger and depression = Lack of psychological and emotional stability of the people..*The Truth: Scalar Plasma devices are attacking the human beings 24/7 = Low vibration {nervous, anger and depression} = delay the Ascension..

We should decide if we want [The Disclosure] Or Not!! And whether or not the truth is important in the liberation of the planet earth!!

Another important Question: the disclosure after the event, will be revealing what???????

The conscious person is living the disclosure before the event happened, whereas the disclosure after the event will be there for the Mass awakening

The path to reach yourself and your real being is the path of truth, every step that reveals the lie of the Cabal, you regain a step in the journey to reach your real identity as a multi-dimensional being, not just a normal human being..

Each lie discredited by the Cabal is a step back in knowing your truth , because you are a lover of Life and navigating between planets and Galaxies to know yourself…

Indifference by the people to know the truth affects the future of their own timelines...

Namaste' to all

the Enlightened Master

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