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The current situation in the ethereal level/ written by EM in 9th of Jan.2015

The current situation in the ethereal level

In 5th of Jan.2015 the major plans have been put to penetrate the ethereal level, consensus of the Light forces with its branches: the agartha in the inner earth, the resistance movement on the surface and the GFL outside earth..

In 8th of Jan.2015 the operations have begun, and we were in a big meeting with the feminine Goddess to open the portals to deliver the energies into earth, in order to support the Liberation processes, especially in some European countries in the North of Mediterranean, then the same will be done in The East of Asia, and there is an intensive operations to build an energy network in specific regions in Asia by the feminine goddess..

Surprisingly, this current breakthrough will be accompanied by physical presence on earth for more than important beings from outside the quarantine like: military, feminine goddess and assistants of ascended masters to prepare for the next phase on the earth’s surface...

From yesterday to now, the process of opening a huge vortex in Romania and Spain is ongoing by the feminine goddess..

Feel your heart when you listen to this song, to support what is happening over there and sense of it...

This Romaian song is carrying frequencies to open the heart chakra & the purple energies for Ajna chakra, and the singer is one of the indigo children..

Love , Light and Peace

Enlightened Master & The blue flare


  1. Thank you and Namaste _/\_

  2. Dear EM. Let me ask you about Feminine Goddess. Is there any link or any info anywhere where I could learn something more about Feminine Goddess? I am Catholic and as much as I know our religion is not talking about God as male or as female. I am truly very curious about that after reading your articles.
    I would love to explore more about what is really going on right now on our Earth. What is the case of our known Arch Angels? Do you have any knowledge about that subject too?
    Thank you very much for any help and clarification.