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Where did the Forces of Darkness come from? And what is their source? written by the Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan/ April 2014

Notice  from the Enlightened Master to our beloved readers:
[ I wrote this article in my native language, and then we have translated it into English, as is the case in all my previous articles..So due to the depth of the consciousness, the difficulty and the accuracy of this blog, please do patience while reading the article and try to take the time to absorb it through your consciousness...]

Where did the Forces of Darkness come from? And what is their source?

Before start talking about the Forces of Darkness and its originating; we must talk about the Dark and its originating! And to talk about the Dark and its originating, we must return to the main story at the beginning of the creation…

In the beginning and before the creation; there wasn’t in that infinity haze only the One {or what we call The First Creator}...

The First Creator: “is the purity of eternal & everlasting consciousness….. all his configured atoms are infinitesimally atoms of the completed consciousness, which includes within it “the Science of Oneness” , which in turn includes Light and Dark.. And when he started the creation, this consciousness had flowed from the first creator in his creation, and flowed with this consciousness: the Darkness and Light within them “...

At that time, these beautiful souls were “complete in creation” in the spiritual body, and carries within it the consciousness of Light & Dark without realizing their dependencies...
The Light here is representing  { the open consciousness cells} ..
The Dark here is representing  { the unknown and non-open consciousness cells}..



At that time; the souls were connected directly with the Source, despite their lack of knowledge of the “non-open consciousnesscells-(the Dark)”that flowed to them from the First Creator, so they werefeatured with absolute power but without full awareness to realize the fact of “what to do”.. Therefore, “the souls” began their journey to discover the non-open consciousness cells inherent in it..

So we are talking about the world in which we call it “ The Soul's World “ , where the souls in it were complete in the spiritual body without dividing in their inner bodies.. From there; the journey had launched to discover and to open the consciousness for those early souls...
At the beginning of this journey; the souls went out of the real world and travelled into the inner journey… from here; their inner bodies began to divide, and the outer worlds of the first united universe began to divide as well, which led to the creation of seven branches Universes in that united universe, and then to seven spiritual layers in those consolidated souls..

Every open and realize of consciousness, and every division of the divisions that have occurred, made the souls descend from their luminous world to the bottom of its world little by little, but still connected with the collective consciousness with the Source Unit, until those souls had separated into “the partial task” from the basics of their spiritual composition, which is the stage of division into:

1-    The higher-self
2-    The self

The higher-self: [the higher-self was studying and exploring the higher spiritual layers of it, in the worlds of high vibration for the 5th, 6th and 7th layers of the inner bodies..[Here we don’t talk about dimensions but inner bodies’ realms”

The self: [The self was to study the lower vibrations of the inner consciousness layers 1,2,3 and 4..]

Thereby, the completed soul has divided into sections:

The Higher-Self where it’s scouring the worlds of the higher–realm, and The Self where it is exploring and testing the lower-realm...

Since that time…. the issue of the discovery of the Forces of Darkness for the souls was a great mission, at that time the souls were realized that the Dark means for her { the  non-open conscious cells within her – Unconscious Cells ..} …. and the Light means { the opened consciousness cells within her}...

At a certain point of this journey, and as a result of the division of the spiritual layers in the Total Spirit, the strength of the connections among themselves and with their source began weakening little by little, but things were still in power yet, until :
* those souls began enjoying the absolute in the opened cells of consciousness within them, which represents the Light, and flooded with joy , love, cares , happiness and play, but then slowed down to work in lightening the conscious cells that non-open – within them, which represent the Dark, and this is due to their fear on the Light inside them..

* This slowdown started to become lack of: courage, experience, research and analysis...

* and began to arise inside her: """ ideas about that situation to slow down her journey in the discovery like (ideas such as : fear on what we have and the bliss that surrounds us or the destruction of what we have.""")..

Fear began to creep into the nature of those souls, where it began to sanctify each origin of consciousness within her that urges her to stay in the Light, and it started fighting everything that unknown to her , rather than working on discovering it and then attached it to the Light areas, and whenever the fragments of awareness inside her come up with ideas about bad things such as : fear, greed, murder, unwinding , disrespect  and everything negative, so instead of studying those cells of awareness that non-open yet ,and studying those ideas which started to go out to the surface from within, especially in the “self”  .. here, it began to pay them out and get rid of them..

and whenever they did this, they expelled from within each unconscious cells {The Dark} “to places in the vast and far universe -
the darkness zones in the universes" , which means the refusal and the exclusion of those ideas, as if they built for those expelled cells their own zones, simulating the “interior expulsion process “   that occurred inside those souls.

At that time, the unconscious cells that being disposed, were constitute of negative energy contained by the dark layers in the nature of universe, from here; the process of descending began and start creating the duality, and this issue did not only affect the unconsciousness cells {The Dark] inside these souls, but also affects the opened consciousness cells as well {The Light} , and the process of descending began between dimensions:

The Lightness descended to Goodness and then to Whiteness...
and the
descended to Badness and then to Blackness…

The result was “ that this negative energy, which represents the unconsciousness cells {The Dark } started charging more and more and its strength growing bigger and bigger the more they become excluded from the inside of those souls when it “the negative energies” was just darkness, it was constitute of ideas that floating around the consciousness of those beautiful souls ... And whenever increasing the deniable , exclusion and deporting for those ideas , without working on revising, analyzing and finding out the reasons for its existence , in this case ; those ideas getting bigger more and more , and the increasing of its strength had transferred this power of energy to decline more and more, until it becomes ethereal bodies, as if it becomes invisible souls “  thoughts ” for those origin souls, trying to penetrate those beautiful souls and living in them, and it had done that !!

And this had led to an imbalance in the nature of the simulation of consciousness in some souls of the sons of the Divine, especially the ones whom were looking for exploring, testing, and dealing with the power of the darkness in those dark zones of the universe,  which led to the beginning of the fall of those souls, and instead of the cooperating of the other part of  souls that didn’t fall, to solve the fundamental problem in studying this dormant energy that inhabited their brothers, they preferred to keep them away and excluded them, and the size of duality had grown, especially after it began considered that going out of the light areas  to the dark zones is Forbidden.. 

 Those excluded souls began working and searching for a place of its presence in those worlds and universes, and because of the difficulty to work and to deal with those dark zones, specially without the help of the other part {Light} the brothers, this led to descending of the consciousness of the fallen souls from Darkness to Badness, this is where the war between the brothers with each other began, and resulted in the creation of Dimensions of Light & Dimensions of Darkness, and the reaction of those beautiful souls in the removal of their brothers after their descending to the Badness, this influenced them to descend as well from the Eternal Light Energy { Lightness } to Goodness, and the space of segregation had increased with the passage of time between the brothers with each other, and the more that issue increased, the more the souls decreased, until part of those souls of Badness becomes declined to the maximum layers to the Blackness,  and the other part of souls are  the opposite part declined from Goodness to the Whiteness, and the last descending we mentioned to Blackness & Whiteness was on the level of the selves , and not higher-selves..

The blackness here means: {murder, oppression, destruction and    
 corruption  ...etc.}

 The Whiteness here means: {dealing well, absolute passion without
  awareness, and without the depth of the meaning of its inner content}..

-- The last two categories “blackness and whiteness” inhabit in the earth dimension which is the 3rd Dimension... 
-- The most sophisticated categories inhabit between the 5th -7th Dimension.
-- The higher-advanced categories, which still maintain the Light and Dark as a
    unit in their consciousness, inhabit in the 7th Dimension and above...

-- The most advanced & developed souls which were able to realize the ultimate
    meaning of the presence of the consciousness cells & unconsciousness cells
    with each other , and to deal with them with all what they catch and reach of
    awareness and consciousness , those categories had reached the reality of
    Oneness, and they inhabit in the 11th and 12th Dimensions..

-- Above 12th Dimension [we called it the soul’s world] the souls that inhabit in  
    it (which had finished the inner journey) live as a one unit in the spiritual 
    body without any divisions between their inner bodies...


So, all the information that you know about the fact of the story of Lucifer and Satin is the fact that do not represent the Black Forces, , because they are the sons of the Divine, and that was their journey to discover the unconsciousness cells “non-open cells” { the dark } within them, But  they’ve learned the lesson well after they have descending from darkness to badness, and now they returned united with the first souls , and they are  paying the karma owed to them, and this does not mean not to experience the Darkness "the unknown" as it is an important issue to continue the Oneness...Experiencing the darkness is not an easy issue, it needs from you to have big consciousness in order not to descend to the badness and then to blackness..  

But where are the real Dark Forces, which represented in “the Dark Entities Reptilians & the Archons”???? 

At a certain stage of the decline of the souls, the unconsciousness cells that been expelled had transformed into powerful energy, which was able to embody in the lower dimensions { in the 3rd , 4th and 5th Dimension}  consists  “ Selves without souls “,  and because they were separated from their Source, they wanted to establish their own source to  provide them  with a survival power, so that source was the same those first souls which created them and expelled them from within " when it was just transient ideas in the fragments of non-open consciousness"..

 However, these entities at this stage were able to embody itself in the lower-dimensions, and it can be a party to the war and fighting, especially after the First souls have become afraid of them, then those Dark entities ,
which in turn we called them dark entities {in real they called black entities} they are the originating of our fears, and the lack of our willingness to progress into the unknown to lighten the unconscious cells “, they took advantage of the idea of division to  the Universes, the dimensions and the inner bodies, and they intervening into them, increased in separating them  and cut off the communication between them , and this which increase getting us far from the higher-self and the Source “The Creator”..

they started attacking us layer by layer from the lower-dimensions to the higher-dimensions, where they did not succeed much in the higher-Dimensions, but succeeded in the lower-Dimensions in controlling us..

Here, we say that the emergence of these negative entities “black entities and not dark  entities” is YOU (you are the Real Creator of those entities under the law of Freewill)...

, it is true that the “First Creator “did not create those entities, and Yes we are the source of the creation of those entities. So you started looking for its source to control it but unfortunately, these destructive negative entities can’t be removed after its declined to the blackness , only by fighting against it, but there will not be a victory in that fight against it, except one essential condition: which is that the souls should start realizing and opening  and dealing with the energy of unconsciousness cells “non-open cells” with their conscious, because this is the real source that provided those negative entities with their strength ..

So as a starting, we should close the source of its power through returning to discover the Dark Areas inside us “the unknown” and not to deny or exclude it, and deal with the strength of awareness, perception and experience...from here, the supporting source will cut off for those negative entities in their dimensions, and we can achieve the full victory, not only by fighting them, but also understanding the Dark side within us. In this we get back in the return line to cancel the distances and dimensions between the higher-self, the self and the inner bodies, and re-union the complete and unified spiritual body under the banner of Oneness, which in turn includes Light and Dark, and we will be in the most situations of our connection with the source, and have finished the launching journey and the experience of our tests , and the completion of our consciousness..

And here, we want to make an important matter clear:


Why after those of millions of years of conflicts, this matter didn’t end except in the last decade?...This was due to interference from the higher – realms “above 16th Dimension “ from the real world- it is a spirit world and not souls world”, and the difference between them is that: after the completion of the soul’s consciousness , it launches to be a source for other souls through its transformation into a Spirit” which means the source to create souls”..

And here we return to the reason through which matters have been resolved in the last decade, this was due to the construction of “The New Oneness School” in the higher-universes to teach the souls: the oneness sciences, and how it can open the un-open cells “the unconsciousness cells” within her.
Those lessons have been sent from the First Souls,  ancestors to parents to children and then to grandchildren in the last decade until it arrived here, and thus those great civilizations in its originating ,were able to control the depth of the problem and contain it , and they are in the final stages in this matter...
This is in addition to the great efforts that have been undertaken by the 12 dimensions in the fight against those negative entities and in controlling them under the law of universes “the freewill “...

Namaste’ with Love & Peace to all

Written by the Enlightened Master
Ibrahim Hassan

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