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The launch of the origin feminine pulse “Solara” / 22nd of April 2014

Today 22nd of April 2014 the completion of the Cardinal Cross and the activation of the pulse for the local galaxies “86,000 galaxies around us” to reset the new infrastructure for the law of the Divine for these local areas of the universes to become the first step for her to be Heaven made by the Primer”...

This pulse (Solara) started spreading its blue energy from today 22nd until 24th of April 2014 to prepare the local galaxies for the Era of Freedom, where the next pulse of that energy will be for the Liberating of earth Gaia and her sons... [We hope this will be soon]..  

Today Phoenix has risen from the ash... (Where it start spreading the horizontal of the feminine Divine to complete the circle )...


The Horizon has begun...

Namaste from the Avatara (13th)
through / the Enlightened Master & the Blue Flare
Love & Peace to all

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  1. "wonderful"....Thank you !....& a welcoming long awaited alignment & for me, so appreciated that it was coordinated with Earth-Day ! I have been feeling these extra heightened pushes & pulls within the polarity of emotions from several people, always a sign that a breaking point is near. I'm always told there must BE drama 1st, before the Truth of Light can settle into all it's appropriate places. As many Lightworkers grow fatigued in trying to shine their brightest amongst all the turmoil, the pollution, the atrocities, the sufferings seen & felt of Mother-Earth & her BELOved creatures....we surely need this infusion of galactic Mother strength to begin the healing & the setting in place of the New where Love, Peace, Compassion, Freedom & Equality for All Mother's Life upon her land & 'Water' reigns Supreme !...have a most glorious heart-filled day my friend !
    Earth Love & Celestial Light.....Bev~