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Timeline Convergence / written by EM on 25th of July 2016

Since 21st of July 2016 , the timelines convergence is started..
What does that mean?

-  We have reached the ending of the last circle, and we began the new one...
-  The beginning of the end to all the obstacles resulting from the old circle
-  The ending of the Major Negative Side Effects for the new timeline
-  The convergence between the timelines of the inner planes..
-  The green light for the final phase (The applying & The Actin phase)..
What is the effect of this Convergence on us?

- Hard cleansing for the old pattern like:  (Anger, Ego, individuality, Negative emotion,

- The beginning of the awakening on the madness world in which we live, which cause
   nervous and anger to people..

- For those who have strong awakening, they will start sense an unconditional love
  moments, visions, some Bi-Located, little flashing memories,

- A desire to end this game and get out of it..
- Longing to return to the origin world..
-  Physical symptoms that were not there before like electricity light hits in some parts of
   the body and conflicts of dreams with reality..

- Strong calling from the higher self and the inner realm for the advanced spiritual

Please note: What we mentioned above already started happening few months ago for the advanced spiritual people,,  but now this will be wider on a large scale..

What do we have to do?

- Expedite to get rid of the negative emotion through using the higher perspective..
- Get rid of the Ego through spreading more love...
- Don’t deal with things logically, because logical thinking will show all the existing
  obstacles in your life...

- Use containment method (handling) rather than logic...
- Be align with your heart chakra through meditation...
- committed to patience and wisdom...
Finally; This is the time that you’ve been waiting for a long time ago.. Let this last phase go smooth and pass peacefully...

  • Try not to lose any credit from your spiritual account...
  • Don’t allow your personal image that you played in this incarnation to judge and decide your truth (whom you really are ) ..
  • Seek for the wisdom within you to find your truth...
  • Please don’t ask me  [ How , When ,, I cannot see ,, I don’t feel …etc.. ] because this situation is different from one person to another… in time , how ..etc ..!!
  • this is the final phase …it works on more than one level and more than one perspective..


  1. Thank You
    That Is a Big Help
    We Are Here In the Final Phase
    Almost Surreal..
    Now That We are Here
    Tara Grace Daughter Of The Elohim...

  2. I love it..This is beautifully spoken!
    And indeed i was in the middle of it. as soon i had let go of some people around me and let their energies which i normally apperantly absorb (being an empath)let them glide aside of me or like photon let the good and essential part of the message go through me and let the rest not touch my pillar of light, i felt much better instantly and after a few nights or crazy dreams and after some losses and realizations my body started to detox radiacally like the distortions were never there! I never knew that thoughtparterns of others would have such an impact on me, for being stuck! I always thought i was to blame and didn't do it wrong. It was very heartopening (even more) for me and i could easily forget and forgive all those who inflicted it on me. Because their jackets, hats and strange coloured glases and their heads in the matrixclouds and mindcontrolledinternet made them not what they truly are is so clear now.. I am happy that these collective mindveils are finally going down one by one..!