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Where are we now? written by the Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan

Where are we now?

Where are we now?

In the midst of a lot of changes that are occurring around us, and although a lot of scientific, spiritual and intellectual explanations to try to explain what is happening, but many of our brothers are still wondering where are we now?!!!
I will try to answer this question in simple points:

Gaia “the earth” and its ascension...

For Gaia to be able to ascend, she must get rid of all negative influences and changes that have occurred on her back in the last 13,000 years...
Gaia is now containing the vibrations of 3rd , 4th ,5th ,6th ,7th Dimensions, but all of this hidden under the artificial “holographic “ third dimension which has happened gradually by the forces of darkness in the attempt to seize earth since 13,000 years ago...

For Gaia to be able to ascend to the 5th Dimension , she must get rid of the old 3rd Dimension “ the artificial “ and return back to her natural 3rd Dimension as the continent Atl├íntida days, where they lived in the 3rd Dimension and dealing with the 5th Dimension and above..

The original 3rd Dimension was building from our thoughts which was based on Love, peace and communicates with Dimensions... But the artificial 3rd Dimension that built by the dark forces was based on our thoughts that have been disturb and directed by them towards hatred, war and ego and separated from the rest of the dimensions..

The role of resistance forces and humanity ( on the surface of earth) is to get rid of all the forces of darkness and their effects to restore the situation to the original of the 3rd Dimension Gaia, and take out all the facts and ground technology that has been hidden by the forces of darkness.

The role of the Light forces ( GFL – Galactic Federation of Light and others) is to raise Gaia through the ascent from the original 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension and above, and to support her with technologies of the fifth dimension and above to facilitate and speed up the process of ascension...

Everything is ready, from vibration of 3,4,5,6 dimensions, and we are now in the final stages of the removal of the artificial “holographic “ 3rd dimension...

We are now at the stage of a real shift from the old 3rd dimension to the new one, which will start accelerating significantly during the so-called the Event...

The process of ascension is spectacular to transfer the land from the vibration of the 3rd Dimension to the vibration of the 5th Dimension and above “which became ready “ , and that will be when the event began..

There is a period to deal with the new third dimension (after the event) during the transition to the fifth and above the so-called period of change.

Where are we now? We are in the final period of the arrangement of the event and on the verge of a period of change.

What does this means?

For Gaia (Earth) and to mankind:

We live in a big lie since 13,000 years ago based on falsified facts in all sectors religious, political, financial, scientific, technological and historical ... etc. through manipulation of the forces of darkness and the use of our thoughts as a powerful source to build their fake world” the old 3rd Dimension”, and made us in quarantine from the rest of dimensions and the fact of our origin and ourselves..

Many of us are connected directly to the old regimes of the 3rd Dimension { religious, political, financial, scientific, technological and historical ...etc. } ...and in order to be able to ascend to the 5th Dimension, we must first get rid of the concepts and thoughts that bind us with the old 3rd Dimension through cancelling it, and when doing this , we renew our communication with the new 3rd Dimension , and all this will happen during the period of the change, which means changing the infrastructure for all old regimes…


Economic System: Reset currency and the new economic system...

Ancient history: Disclosure and the history of origin civilizations..

Religious systems: The facts of ancient civilizations… and our connection with the Dimensions, the source, and sophisticated civilizations, also the
manipulation of the DNA...

Political Systems: Arrest the forces of darkness and reveal the realities of taking over the planet...

Technology: Free Energy

Extreme Climate System: Moderate Climate System

I know that you were surprised of mentioning the new 3rd Dimension, where you know that you will move to the 5th Dimension after the Event.. Yes the talk did not change… when the veil removed completely from earth, the earth will return to its original state, “that’s what I mean by the new 3rd Dimension” , and directly the earth will raise its vibration to the 4th and 5th Dimensions consecutively ,and you will witness her ascension to the 5th Dimension..

Liberation from the old 3rd Dimension is the most important requirement for the ascension process; this is because it helps human to get rid of old " Karma , thoughts, emotional and mental commitments " and qualify human to the real ascension process..

A lot of people who did not follow the process of spiritual development are still unable to remove these connections in the Old 3rd Dimension, therefore it must be removed to liberate their thoughts, emotional and mental commitments, and this will be difficult for them, but it is very important to the process of ascension..

For those who cannot remove the emotional and mental commitments and the old karma after removing the old 3rd Dimension, they will move to the other 3rd Dimension …

For those who were able to get rid of the Old emotional, mental, intellectual commitments and old karma after the removal of the old 3rd Dimension, they will ascend with Gaia to the 5th Dimension, and will live all the developments and changes that will occur on Gaia, during her own ascension, through passing the new 3rd Dimension and the 4th D and up to the 5th Dimension in 2017, and the completion of the 5th Dimension in 2024..

After the Event; Earth will be saturated with the vibrations of Dimensions between 3rd D to 7th D, So there will be a great opportunity for people who are able to achieve the individual ascension in this period, where that after 2017 , the earth will be only containing 5th D to 7th Dimensions , where 3rd and 4th Dimensions will be completely removed..

For those who were able to get rid of the old emotional, mental and intellectual commitments and old karma before the removal of the old 3rd Dimension “ Well developed spiritually“ , they will move to the above 5th Dimension directly after getting rid of the old 3rd Dimension “ After the event “ through the transition to the Light Body [ natural physical ascension] ..

The conclusion is that everything that goes on in the outside is only a simulation of the inside to get rid of all old commitments , and this period { the changing period } is the most difficult period, and it is a very important stage of the ascension, the purpose of it is “ to connect us with the higher–self in order to learn new techniques , which its principle revolves on [[ you are the root of everything, and you can make all the necessary spiritual tools for your development, and you don’t need anything from the old systems where you are sitting and waiting to be governed and enslaved through it, because you are an immortal multi-dimensional spiritual being..]]

With all my love and peace to all

The Enlightened Master
Ibrahim Hassan


  1. Sure hope The Event will be soooooooooooooooon and filled with Light and Love. Each passing day seems to be more difficult to cope with.

    1. The Event will be soon for sure, until then continue to be rooted in your higher self and the highest vibrations you're capable of sustaining. The Event externally may seem negative but for those who see it for what it is it will be nothing but positive, don't let yourself be moved by the fear the unawakened will experience. Through these last Dark Nights of the Soul I send you the eternal and unconditional light and love of my higher self. Peace and Namaste.