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After 21st of Dec.2012 - written by the Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan on 23rd of Dec.2012

After 21st of Dec. 2012
A message from my heart that carries all the love and peace for my brothers all around the world, and for those who were feeling disappointed from events of that great day 21st of Dec.2012 , and for those who thought that these events were much less than their expectations, and did not correspond with much of what they received from their [Channels of contacting] with " the Company of Divine” through Channels, or from most of the counsellors for this day {the day the Mayan Calendar ends} .. And based on what was said on their latest articles on the days following 21st of Dec.2012 and the depression they’d felt, I offer you my message.
These are some excerpts from their essays:
1- Steve Beckow/
{What is also true for me is that I went through a period of disappointment after the morning period when I didn’t feel myself to have been lifted up. I waited until Dec. 21 was over to see if I’d somehow find myself on the Fifth Dimension and I cannot say that I’ve sensed any evidence that I am….}.
{And I don’t fault anyone who’s served as a channel for the Company of Heaven. You’ve done your job well and faithfully and no one can fault you. I also realize that doing your job past this point may be for some of you more challenging than it has been in the past and I honor that. I also honor you for standing by your post, for our sake. We need you more than ever now and we do understand your situation – Linda, Mike, Blossom, John, and all the others….}
{ It’s not right or fair to ask us to accept any more explanations for why things have not begun or haven’t happened without seeing some tangible results. The onus now shifts to the Company of Heaven to keep their word and furnish us with evidence…..}
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2- Stephen Cook/
So what didn’t happen? Well, have we Ascended – no. And no, there was no massive white beam of light that came down and made me drop to my knees; but there was that bolt of light, almost just after midnight on December 20. Am I disappointed – yes – but truly, not for me but for the world… I SO want things to change. Am I angry – not at all.. This is my responsibility … to my self. Am I confused – you bet. But while I don’t think or feel that I have Ascended – yet- I also don’t feel the process is over.
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continue with EM. ibrahim:
This message is directed toward everyone, especially to the Channels, Light workers and Star Seeds who were disappointed.
In the beginning, I would like to give them my deepest gratitude for all their efforts on this Path, and what happened in 21st of Dec.{ Of a disappointment to them } does not undermine their tremendous efforts in waking up the people and placing them on the right path on the road to consciousness. However, we must explain why that happened and what exactly the truth is.

Before I begin, I would like to make things clear as to my point of view and my previous talks on this matter:
In all of my articles, especially the nine parts of the Ascension Series; I had both mentioned and warned that the issue is not the day 21st of Dec. because it is only the announcement of the beginning. This day signals the start of the flow of the fifth dimension energy into the earth and its center. This change would continue in stages throughout the years... And the events that were anticipated by people are going to start appearing in the year 2013 and the following years. (For more information, please refer back to our Blog)
What really happened and what is going to happen from 21st Dec. 2012?
{{{{ On that day, the earth/Gaia and its center started receiving {the special fifth dimension energy from the center of the galaxy and reacted with it} and so the new energy network around the earth was completed, as well as the first breakthrough began to veil that set by the archons around the earth. Also, all the Timelines that were placed by the Cabal & the Archons upon the earth’s path began collapsing, which leaves us on the “Free Energy” point that allows us to build our own Timelines in order for us to have a new beginning.
This collapse of the manufactured Timelines for the earth is going to lead to a gradual collapse of all the plans and schemes the Cabal had plotted for the people of the earth during the year 2013 and beyond...
The Alignment process was done successfully, for the energies of light and love and freedom had combined under the supervision of their Sources to send their energies to earth, and you yourselves are now preparing for new direction.
The ascension process has already begun for those who were ready to ascend with Gaia” the earth”, and 21st of Dec. 2012 was the last day for receiving what you’d done to show the images that you predict and believe would await you in the fifth dimension, to build your own worlds depending upon what each and every one of you had dreamt and believed would happen, once you enter “the Golden Age “that has started on that day. }}}

From my point of view, and from what I’d achieved through my communication with {The Company of Heaven}, everything I had spoken of previously, and what had actually happened during that day matched 100%. However, disappointment was the sentiment of all of those who’d spoken before that date about things they predict would happen on 21st of Dec. but didn’t happened.
Many wonder: “What happened? Why were our predictions misplaced? Why what we’d received from {The Company of Heaven} isn’t compatible with what’s happening on the ground? Are we on the right path? Why is the Divine taking so long? Why aren’t we seeing proof...” Many of these questions were spoken, and many remained unspoken, but asked within selves and didn’t put on paper..
I am not here to point out whose predictions were right, and whose were wrong; this is not a matter of predictions, for we are all on this path together, we all feel joy when there is goodness on this path,and we are all affected by any error occurs. But I would like to explain what really happened with those who were disappointed.
The truth is that you are not asking yourselves the right questions... because you’re afraid of their answers and in some cases because you don’t have the answers. You are not looking at all the different angles, but you are concentrating on one single angle. You are not considering all the suggestions in front of you, because you eliminate most of them without a single glance because in some cases you do not have the courage to object to that which you do not understand, and you are merely satisfied with saying, “Thanks Lord”.
My manner of speech may be too forward, it might upset some of you, but that is okay, because this is one of the reasons that’d led you to this state, there wasn’t enough love in your hearts to contain the experiences of everybody else... If I had told you this before, you wouldn’t have listened. I have learned something about life from the Divine, it is {Do not advice or teach only if the person in front of you have tasted the experience, for your advice to be about something the receiver has felt before, in order for him to fully understand what you’re talking about. }
Please take my words with an open heart, for I am not your problem, and neither are my words... let us instead concentrate on the real issues we’re dealing with.

I’ll give you an example of the nature of what we’d previously discussed, so that I don’t become in your eyes just another person who philosophizes everything, and also for this to be a path to return you to the faith that you thought you’d lost: you ask: Why had “what the Divine told would happen” through our channels not actually happen?” And you ask the Divine to be honest with you this time, but you are not honest with yourselves. Why not ask yourself the question that you fear: “Do things we received truly from the Company of Heaven? If not, then who was doing the sending?”
I am surely not going to answer this question for you; you are going to have to figure this out by yourselves! The truth of the connection with the Divine is based upon awareness, and awareness is complete when all the questions you have, and all the questions you never thought of before, dry up after you answer them all.
At that point, you would not need to connect with the Divine, because you become a part of Him. It is then that your awareness is complete and you reach enlightenment.
I cannot tell you the truth about what had happened, because you either know it or you are very close to the answer. The other reason is that you are not convinced with only being told, you must live the experience. The third reason is that you are not ready yet, and when you do become ready, you wouldn’t need me, and in case you do need me then I am all yours!
So, in order to put the pieces of what happened together, and to adjust the slight deviation in direction, and return to the same path of consciousness, I shall place some lights for you to guide you back. When you see those lights and start analyzing and decoding what is said between their lines, then your direction would be righted and you’d find your way back to the path of consciousness.
Those lights consist of 13 pieces of wisdom, and please accept them with open hearts and open minds:
  • When the people of light know the light just as the people of darkness know the darkness...
  • When we exit the realm of wishes and dreams, and realize the truth and the power of our consciousness.
  • When we do not wait for the Divine’s movement, while the Divine is waiting for our movement..
  • When the real owners of the front lines appear and those who are in the current front lines collaborate with them...
  • When the majority of the Channels, realize that they were only channeling with their Higher Selves { I do not mean to judge anyone, or say this as a negative or positive matter}
  • When we realize that Ascension is not only a state of feeling, but a connection and receiving of a large flow of knowledge to the center of our consciousness...
  • When we realize that love is not only the solution, but the appearance and the materialization of our will to become living proof of the power of love...
  • When we realize that it is pointless to wait, and we start acting to build our earth...
  • When we realize that there isn’t a schematic for you to build your future upon, for others are going to build it for you...
  • When you realize that darkness would only dissipate if it is faced with the “ Rays of the sun {the knowledge that is materialized by our consciousness on the ground}..
  • When you see the discussions and promises repeating themselves, do not blame anyone but yourself, for you are the one who has promised and not them, and you are the one who is going to fulfill these promises and not them...
  • When three days pass that are unlike any of your days: the day of Legislation, the Day of Judiciary, and the day of Action. The day of Legislation has come, the day of Judiciary is on its way, and the day of Action will come after..
  • When the Moon 13 shines its light upon us.
Finally, you’d read these lines as if they were written in invisible ink, and their meanings will appear after a while, Only then would we return to speak again...

Your brother / the Enlightened Master.
Ibrahim Hassan

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