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Breakthrough of the cosmic anomaly / News from the inner realm .. written by EM on July 17th 2015

Breakthrough of the cosmic anomaly / News from the inner realm ..

In 3rd of June 2015 , we set off on an inner journey with the inner realm, to follow the course of the events that related to the Cosmic Anomaly, and work on the plan which called: {The process of healing the cosmic anomaly}, and today, July 17th 2015, and after 44 days from the start of the journey, we will bring you the Latest breathtaking developments that have taken place in the outer realm “ dimensions “ ; which I will address it briefly..

In June 3rd, 2015 ,, the process of healing anomaly has launched under the patronage of the Oneness School with all its sectors ( Central civilization, Confederation and Federation), and under the supervision of the Blue Dark Merkaba..

In June 30th 2015,, it has been dealt with the difficult basic points that strengthen the Cosmic Anomaly, and has been planting cells from the Blue Dark Merkaba’s  consciousness there, to contain the anomaly quantum fluctuations..

Between 16th and 17th of July 2015 (Today) it has been disposed of the basic fluctuations of the quantum anomaly in that region “cosmic anomaly”, where the Blue Dark Merkaba has contained it fully, which weakened the structure of the anomaly, and after that, they made a test to pass a beam of blue Light to this anomaly, and this test was successfully done..

In the coming period, there will be work to contain the rest of the anomaly quantum fluctuations in that region “cosmic anomaly”, in order to remove the whole cosmic anomaly very soon,, and after that, this region will be ready to pass the blue pulse ..

After the flow of the Blue Pulse, this region {the cosmic anomaly} will be the starting point and the re-construction to our Galaxy, in order to be the new galaxy that contains the infrastructure of the new cosmic fabric of this universe..

Of course what happened has much impact on the Plasma Plane which derives its strength from the cosmic anomaly.., as well it impacts the Timelines… and now we interact with the New Timeline positively and strongly...

Getting out of the quarantine is within reach now...

Please note: our inner journey still continuous… however, very soon, we will be able to communicate with our brothers as we were always been..,, and we will enhance this communication through new methods, like { online video conference, Webinars, events…..etc.} , and when we are ready “ soon” we will announce about our new platform..

Namaste' with much love and peace from

The Enlightened Master & The Blue Flare.Solara


Meditation : [ Aligning with your I am presence ] By Blue Flare"Solara" Site Manager of

Meditation : [ Aligning with your I am presence ]

Dear beloved members & followers of the World of Truth:

Based on a request from our beloved members of the world of truth {Cheryl, Kinnar, Varsha, Zen and Richard )  to gather each others in a meditation, we [Blue Flare & EM ] arrange a specific meditation called : align with your I am presence,

Through this meditation we will spread a huge energy for the heart chakras to all who will participate in this meditation, in order to strengthen your connection with your higher self and as a protection from any negative attack...

every one can participate this mediation whether members of the world of truth or followers from outside, and we will share also this meditation on our , and you can share this meditation in Facebook or any other social media..
Day of meditation : Saturday 4th of July 2015
Time of meditation : GMT / 2:00 P.M.{14.00}
Duration of Meditation: 15 minutes

To find your time local area zone , please click on the following link

To join the meditation please click on the event here

The meditation title is (aligning with I am presence)

What to do during meditation:

1- Follow your breath for 5 minutes without thinking, and keep your inner peace
2- Follow the pulse of your heart for 3 minutes
3- Concentrate on your heart chakra and imagine a green energy descending into your heart  chakra , hold that energy in your heart chakra with love and send it to the Center of Gaia, and keep it as a green line between the center of Gaia and your heart..
4- Imagine a golden energy that descended  from the universe to your crown chakra , hold it in your crown chakra, and remember who you really are , and send it to your heart chakra , and with love send it Vertical to your crown chakra again and then to the alcyone Sun { is one of the main stars of the Pleiades cluster } as a golden line,, then imagine the pink energy surrounding your aura and feel the protection, then view the whole picture ( the green line, the golden line, pink energy ) and feel your Merkaba..
Please note: that we will provide a video with specific frequencies , voice by/EM as guidance to this meditation,  and we will send it to you for a max of tomorrow and you can play this video and follow with him at the time of the meditation..
when the video is ready , we will add it here in this blog ..
Our inner journey is still continue to support the situation in the inner realm and higher dimensions,, and we will inform you about this journey  when we meet with you next moment.. Although we are still in the inner journey , but our hearts are connected with  you..

The Blue Flare